Step-by-step on how to play basketball by Ayesha Shariq

This is the transcript of a video footage I recorded of the kid (8 years old at the time) telling me all about her day the minute she got in the car after school. The game being described is basketball.

Ayesha: There was Sehrish and it was our PT period that time and they all were playing so Mehwish..I dunno when how she pushed Amna and she felt so badly she started crying and the PT teacher wasn’t there so we went to the gymnastic sir. So I went to her and said, “Why are you pushing you’re not supposed to do that” so she said, “Who are you supposed to tell me what I can do and what I can’t do? My mother is a teacher in this school and I can call her” So I said, “My mother is also a teacher and shes not in this school but still I have the authority to tell you, you can’t push my friend”

Rida: So what is the point of this story?

Ayesha: I’m just telling you what Mahwish was they all wanted to take revenge from Mahvish in basketball. They did not know how to play so they were acting stupidly. All the girls used to come to one person and make that person drop fall to the ground..

Rida: ..and also they used what?

Ayesha: Abusive language

Ayesha: And they cheated and everything and we had to control our temper and miss wouldn’t say anything to them and they don’t know how to goal and they don’t know what 3 points is. They don’t even know what PARENTY IS! How can they play basketball?

Rida: They don’t know what?

Ayesha: What parenty is

Rida: What?!

Ayesha: Parenty!

Rida: Say it again

Ayesha: Pa-ren-ty

Rida: *muffled laughter* Penalty?

Ayehsa: Penalty..same thing..

Rida: I’ts not the same

Ayesha: *while stuffing face with chips* Haan?

Rida: Then what happened?

Ayesha: We have our own basket..*stares into my camera as I move phone closer to face*

Rida: Yes I’m listening just ignore this and go on

Ayesha: We our own basket thing know the thing we have to protect right? We have our stand that we have to protect?

Despite this, we love this face

Rida: What is this stand you have to protect?

Ayesha: You know where’s that thing where you basket it rig


Rida: Yeaaah?

Ayesha: One team has na like the one we had that was our protector and there was one on the other side

Ayesha: So my friend she was protecting..and the girls they came and they started saying you’re doing it wrong THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY AND THEY’RE TELLING US HOW TO PLAY


Ayesha: They started fighting –

Rida: I said BESIDES these girls! What else happened in school?


My Meltdown

10:28am Ayesha: Grumpy Cat

10:28am Ayesha: Do you remember your meltdown?

10:28am Ayesha: I have it on tape

10:28am Rida: I hate you. Why would you do that?

10:28am Ayesha: I couldn’t stop laughing. You looked like a seal

10:28am Rida: That’s mean

10:29am Ayesha: As if calling me illiterate is sweet

10:30am Ayesha: Anyway let me refresh your memory in case you forgot

10:30am Ayesha: You hid your face in your shirt

10:30am Ayesha: and rolled over as if you were dying

10:30am Ayesha: then you would scream and shout

10:35am Ayesha: This is what you looked like


10:35am Rida: Goodbye

The kid changes her FB display picture

7:53pm Rida: Ooh somebody has a new display picture

7:53pm Ayesha: Problem?

7:54pm Rida: Do you want boys to “like” it?

7:54pm Rida: Omg

7:54pm Rida: Why you smiling!

7:54pm Rida: Who’s the boy you’re trying to impress!

7:54pm Rida: Tell me

7:54pm Rida: Right now

7:55pm Ayesha: Loser

7:55pm Rida: Ayesha Shariq you are 5 years old

7:55pm Rida: Act like you’re 5

7:55pm Ayesha: I’m 12

7:55pm Rida: So are you saying that makes it okay to talk to boys?!

7:56pm Ayesha: 


7:56pm Rida: You better have answers cause I got lots of questions

7:57pm Ayesha: Image



No self esteem issues here

9:09am Ayesha: Sup homie

9:09am Rida: Dying to sleep

9:09am Ayesha: Sucks to be you

9:10am Rida: Yeah I know 😥 too sleepy to keep my eyes open

9:10am Ayesha: There is a famous saying 

9:11am Rida: Which is?

9:11am Ayesha: One does not simply get paid for sleeping

9:11am Rida: ..and is this “famous” saying by you?

9:12am Ayesha: Yes



Mutilated portraits by the kid

12:09pm Ayesha: Yo

12:09pm Rida: Sup

12:09pm Ayesha: I finally made a sketch of a person that doesn’t look like half alien

12:10pm Rida: I highly doubt that

12:10pm Rida: And you mean “mutilated” alien. Please describe your sketches aptly

12:13pm Ayesha: Let me send it to you

12:15pm Rida: Still looks mutilated to me

Ayesha and Ramzan

3:13am Rida: Tell Anam to make you something to eat for sehri. She’s in the kitchen I think

3:13am Ayesha: I told her but I’m not fasting

3:13am Rida: Why?

3:13am Ayesha: My tummy is upset

3:13am Rida: Loose motions?

3:13am Ayesha: Kinda

3:13am Ayesha: Too much egg for a week

3:13am Rida: Ah ok. What did you tell her to make?

3:13am Ayesha: Eggs